Inked Expressions by Carrie Ann Ryan, Montgomery Ink Series

Storm is a man with secrets.  Everly is a woman whose life isn’t what she thinks it is.  Both Storm and Everly have been fighting an attraction that they didn’t realize was there.  Secrets are revealed, some of which attempt to ruin the life they are trying to build together.
I love Everly and Storm!  She is amazing and handles everything that is thrown at her with grace and strength.  Storm is so supportive of her, and stands beside her no matter what.  I love how supportive and accepting this family is, and it just gets better with each book.  It seems like they have a limitless supply of love and compassion for anyone they meet.
I’ve loved each of the Montgomery Ink books, but Everly and Storm just seem so real, that I can’t help but love them.  Each book seems to be better than the last, and their world pulls you in right from the beginning.

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