Unexpected Flames by Heather Lyn

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.  This book releases on June 28.

I had mixed feelings about this book, prior to reading it, because the author was clear and upfront that it is a M/M romance story.  It’s not something that I’ve read much of in the past, but I decided to read it because the other books in the series were positively amazing.  Right from the beginning, the feelings in this book smack you in the face.  The grief and guilt Landon feels about his father are so overwhelming, that I felt sorrow for him and found myself wanting to fix it for him.  There was also confusion, and hurt, and anger, as well as fear and all kinds of other feelings floating around this book.  There were tense moments, moments of wonder, and times I couldn’t believe what had just happened.  My emotions ran the gamut, which is the sign of an amazing story, to me.

Yes, this is the story of a same sex couple, and there is sex involved.  However, that takes a backseat to the story of the love that the couple shares, and it becomes less about a same sex couple and becomes more about the story of just Landon and Chase.  It was a beautiful story!

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