My One Click Authors

I’ve put together a list of the authors that I one click most often, along with links for each one!  Some of the authors have books that are free, so check them out!  Maybe you will find a new favorite author.  If you have favorite authors not included, please feel free to comment so they can be added!  Hope this helps!

Vivian Arend:

Joanna Blake:

Lauren Blakely:

Ainsley Booth:

Sarina Bowen:

Eden Bradley:

Patricia Briggs:

K. Bromberg:

Terri Anne Browning:

Jaci Burton:

Chelsea Camaron:

Mari Carr:

ME Carter:

London Casey (also Karolyn James):

Piper Davenport:

Marialisa DeMora:

Chantal Fernando:

MJ Fields:

Catherine Gayle:

Sadie Haller:

Samantha Kane:

Laura Kaye:

Elle Kennedy:

Stina Lindenblatt:

JA Low:

Heather Lyn:

M. Malone (Minx Malone):

Nana Malone:

Harley McRide:

Anne Mercier:

Ryan Michele:

Rayne O’Gara:

Laurelin Paige:

Kristen Proby:

Jo Raven:

DL Roan:

Nora Roberts:

Lila Rose:

Carrie Ann Ryan:

Kaylee Ryan:

Kylie Scott:

CM Seabrook:

Krystal Shannan:

Camilla Stevens:

Lani Lynn Vale:

Vanessa Vale:

Lili Valente:

JR Ward:

Skye Warren:

Mariana Zapata:

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