New Release The Road Back by Piper Davenport, Jack Davenport

🎤🎤The Road Back🎤🎤
18+ for language and sexual situations…
Hadley Simon risked everything to earn her spot as the manager for America’s fastest rising band. They have been invited to open for rock royalty in a once in a lifetime summer tour, and it means she finally gets to do what she loves. She is the consummate professional and knows how to keep her emotions in check…until a sexy as hell drummer enters her life and turns her world upside down.
Jack Henry is living with his demons in relative seclusion…until he’s convinced to go back out on the road with his old band. The death of his wife ruined him, and he has fought his way out from under a pile of easy women, booze, and blow, but doesn’t know if he can resist the old temptations that nearly killed him. When he meets the beautiful and sassy manager of his opening act, he feels things he hasn’t in a very long time, bringing to the surface ghosts he thought were exorcised long ago. 
But she is his new drug of choice, and he doesn’t know what scares him more…pursuing a life with her or the thought of one without her




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