What Should’ve Been by Liberty Parker

This book starts with Felicity, who has agreed to be surrogate for her two best friends, Ronnie and Holden.  When the unthinkable happens, she is consoled by Ronnie’s brother, Jude.  

Felicity is a sweet, loving woman, who proves to be loyal and giving to her friends, even when it might not be in her best interest.  Jude is just as amazing as Felicity, and they totally deserve each other.  The two decide to raise the child together, and soon become close friends. 
This book had me in tears within the first few chapters, and had me laughing throughout.  There were times that my heart started racing, and times when I couldn’t believe what had just happened.  I was kept guessing from beginning to end (and even after the end!)  To me, these are all of the signs of a five star book, that I would definitely recommend to all my friends!


ೋღღೋ WHAT SHOULD’VE BEEN ೋღღೋ                      

     ೋღღೋ by: Liberty Parker   ೋღღೋ  

“He was her best friend growing up and she grew to love him, but never said a word, not wanting to lose his friendship. When Ronnie moved into town and he fell in love, she relegated herself to the permanent friend zone, choosing to be the third wheel in the relationship. Her love was so strong for them both that when they found out Ronnie couldn’t have children, she became their surrogate. Then tragedy struck and she was left alone, pregnant and grieving. When Jude, Ronnie’s older brother, steps in, she finds something she never thought she would have – her own forever love.”


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