Forever Falcon Ridge by DL Roan

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.  This book releases July 24, 2017.

I loved Dani and Clay!

Dani is just the type of heroine that makes me happy: strong, stubborn, hard headed, and determined to do things her way or no way.  She’s so smart and has plans for her future that she will let nothing stand in the way of.

Clay is just plain amazing.  He knows what he wants and goes after it.  He sees Dani and is determined to make her his.  He is so gentle with her, like he knows he has to step just right around her or she is going to run away for good.

With two such amazing characters you’d thing it would be an easy choice to be together, right?  Wrong.  Dani’s family ranch, that she plans to take over after her college graduation, is in Montana.  Clay’s family ranch and the business he has built up from scratch is in Texas.  How can the two ever find a compromise to be together?  Add in bad news brother, jealous women, and familial health problems, and their love story seems hopeless.

But together, Clay and Dani are unstoppable!  They just fit together so well that I can imagine them doing amazing things together.
In such an amazing story, you are kept guessing until the very end, and I never imagined who would provide the means for the HEA you know is coming.  I loved this story, and it just might be my favorite out of the series!

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