Hope Restored by Carrie Ann Ryan

This is the third and final book in the Gallagher brothers trilogy, and Wow!   I’ve always loved a friends to lovers romance, but Murphy and Tessa really are such an amazing couple.  This entire series has been full of feelings for me, but Hope Restored had me in tears from the beginning.  I think I went through every emotion imaginable with this book.  Sadness, fear, joy, terror.  That, to me, is the mark of a great book.  When you experience real emotions, along with a true feeling of getting to know the characters.  And I couldn’t help but feel like the characters were real in this book.  Ms. Ryan always has amazingly strong characters in her books, but Murphy has been battling cancer his entire life, and still has an awesome outlook and a happy disposition.  Even when he is afraid or upset or exhausted, he still has that personality that makes you want to be around him.  And Tessa!  A true friend, loyal and loving to everyone.  For her to jump into the relationship with Murphy.  It’s just pure beauty!  Another amazing story from Carrie Ann Ryan!

Categories: Book Reviews

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