The President by Samantha Mccoy


Devin “Sledge” Parks is the President of the Devil’s Henchmen MC. As a retired SEAL Commander, he’s led countless missions into enemy territories around the world; and battled demons most people know nothing about. Sledge fears nothing. Until he is face to face with the only woman with the ability to destroy him – again. The same woman that stole his heart and walked away from him eight years ago, like it meant nothing. 

Elizabeth (Beth) Andrews never thought she would see Devin again. She ended things between them and broke his heart. It was either that or ruin him, and she couldn’t do that. Leaving was the only option. Now, after witnessing a murder committed by a powerful man, she takes her son and flees. Beth knows Devin is the only thing that stands between her and death. 

But how will he react when he finds out the truth about her son? Will he protect her? Or slam the door in her face?

My review:

​Sledge and Beth are together… until they aren’t.  And then years later, circumstances send Beth looking for Sledge when she needs someone to save her….with a little secret in tow.

Sledge is former military, and the president of an MC.  Beth is his former flame.  When they reunite, she brings with her a lot of drama and danger.  Sledge thinks he can never forgive her and doesn’t want to renew their relationship.  But, of course, there is more to their break up than he knows about.
This is the second book in the Devil’s Henchmen MC series.  Sledge and Beth are the sweetest couple!  Regardless of the situation, they are able to come out on top of all of the trouble swirling around them.
This book is full of excitement, drama, love , and laughs.  Loyalty and brotherhood prove that blood isn’t always thicker that water, and family isn’t always the one you are born with but the one you make.
This was an amazing book, and I can’t wait for the next one!

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