Beloved Sacrafice by Mari Carr, Lila DuBois


A woman with nothing to lose. A man who knows too much. A secret that could destroy them all.

Rose Hancock is no stranger to danger, fear, or pain. Her whole life has been shaped by the purists–a shadowy splinter group within America’s most powerful secret society. When the leader of the Trinity Masters has her partner-in-crime shot, Rose has nothing left to live for except revenge. 

Before she can take her revenge, she’s kidnapped and wakes up to find herself in England, with the man who only days before she was sure was dead. 

When a kidnapping and ransom specialist, sent by the Grand Master, shows up to “rescue” Rose, she’ll have to decide if she wants to keep running or stand and fight against the purists.

But there are more secrets to be uncovered, and some of those secrets could mean the end of the Trinity Masters…because the Masters’ Admiralty is larger and more powerful. And some betrayals cannot be forgiven. 

My review:

Mari Carr and Lila DuBois have done it again!  This story is packed full I’d action and adventure, from beginning to end!  Mystery, intrigue, love and betrayal keep this book moving along at a fast pace.

Rose is such a tragic, misunderstood character, and I was prepared to completely hate her at the end of the last book.  This book explains alot about her past, as well as answering a lot of questions about the past of the Trinity Masters that has been slowly making their way to the forfront of each of the past books.  This book also introduces a totally new group of characters, that I can’t wait to meet in the next series!

The emotions in this book are very real.  There are some scenes that might be a trigger for some readers, but they were handled tastefully and carefully, in my opinion.  All in all, it was a beautiful book, that I completely enjoyed!  I would recommend the entire series to anyone that enjoys action and adventure thrown in with their romance!





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