Force by Nana Malone, M. Malone


I am the shadow that haunts the night. I am a hunter, a protector…a force for good…I am Jonas Castillo.

For years I’ve existed on the edge of the dark, protecting innocents who can’t protect themselves. Until… her. Jessica JJ Jones. The bane of my existence. A bright light in the dark. The crack in my armor. A loud, argumentative beautiful crack in my armor.

But first, there’s a more immediate concern. JJ is running scared. And to protect her I might have to break the vow I made years ago.


My Review:

I received an ARC of the book in exchange for an honest review.

This book is the first in a duet, the second of which is Enforce, and ties in with the Shameless series.   It focuses on Jessica “JJ” Jones (best friend of Lucia) and Jonas Castillo (an employee of Noah’s in his Security business).

JJ is one tough chick!  But underneath it all, she is hiding a vulnerable, scared girl.  Jonas is a good guy, through and through, but also has secrets in his past.  Together, they are like dynamite, waiting to explode.  They hide their attraction for each other behind sarcasm and they practically set the room on fire whenever they were around each other.  I began to wonder if they were ever going to get together!

This book is full of non stop action, and keeps you guessing, right up until the last sentence.  It definitely ends on a cliff hanger!  This was an awesome story, and I’m eagerly awaiting Enforce!

This story does contain triggers for some, including domestic abuse.


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Also, the prequel, Forceful is free on all platforms!


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