Saving the Preacher’s Daughter by Piper Davenport


Preacher’s daughter Willow Miller’s idyllic life is shattered in a matter of seconds. In the midst of a devastating heartbreak, she’s forced to evaluate everything she thought she believed in and make a choice…the man she thinks she knows or the man who sets her heart aflame.

Finn ‘Dash’ Lloyd doesn’t “do” good girls. He’s a newly patched member of the Dogs of Fire Motorcycle Club, and he’s enjoying all the perks that come with it. But when he finds himself thrust into the unwanted role of guardian, he realizes the good girl that captures his heart might just save his soul.

But Dash needs to figure out how to protect Willow from a threat buried deep in her past before it’s too late.


My Review:

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.  This book releases August 22, 2017.

This is book 1 in the Dogs of Fire: Savannah Chapter.  There are several characters that connect to the Portland Chapter, but this book can definitely be real without having read the previous books (but really, why would you want to?  They were awesome!)

This book is about Willow, a naive southern preacher’s daughter, and Dash, a member of the Dogs of Fire MC.  They are, literally, from different sides of the tracks.  Willow has been taught all of her life to avoid them, that they were bad and dangerous.

Willow has the “perfect” life.  Wonderful, loving father and a fiancee that appears to be everything that she could ever want.  But after a chance meeting with Dash, things begin to unravel and tragedy strikes.  Dash swoops in and is there when she needs him most, unlike her “perfect” fiancee.

I love how patient Dash is with Willow, and how his entire club is there for Willow right from the beginning, with no questions asked.  I love how she takes them all at face value, without letting others prejudices influence her.

There is lots of action in this book, and people are not always as they appear to be.  Surprises pop up and things change.  But through it all, is the underlying truth that true love will conquer anything that tries to destroy it, and come out stronger on the other side.


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