Bound by Secrets by Piper Davenport


Brodie Gunnach has endured a horrific childhood, along with his brothers and sister within the Cauld Ane royal family. When he meets his mate, he is alarmed to learn she is only fourteen and they cannot be bound for another eleven years. He makes a heart-wrenching decision to leave in an effort to save them both from years of pain and frustration.

Payton McFadden is infatuated with a young, handsome prince that she’s met once. After speaking with him at a party for her father, he disappears, only to return five years later with a declaration and a demand.

As the two are bombarded with secrets that could destroy not only their relationship, but their way of life, will they be able to sort out truth from fiction and overcome the obstacles before them?

Will Payton trust that Brodie is telling the truth?

My Review:

I received an ARC of this book in return for an honest review.

This is book 3 in the Caulde Ane Series. It features Brodie and Payton.

Brodie and Payton’s story is different because they meet when Payton is very young. Even though Brodie knows that she is his, he is unable to claim her because of her age. Because of that, there is confusion and miscommunication on both of their parts that lead to them being kept apart.

In the beginning, Brodie seems to be a very gruff, rude man. As the story progresses, we get more back story and the reasons for his personality come to light. I love how he is totally different with Payton. Despite everything, Payton is loyal to Brodie, and their relationship is beautiful!

There is plenty of action to go along with the romance between Brodie and Payton, and ties in well with the other books in the series. It’s a great book, and different enough from the others in the series to make it interesting, while still keeping true to the feel of the series.

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