Cover Reveal for Close by Fen Wilde



Title: Close
Author: Fen Wilde
Genre: Erotic Romantic Suspense

Cover Design: QDesign

Release Date: December 21, 2017


Clara Black.
Therapist. Stripper.
Sultry, secretive
and not looking for love.
Lucas Evans.
Playboy. Showjumper.
Seductive, charming
and used to getting the girl.
As long as she
doesn’t try to get close to his heart, that is.
Drawn together by an
attraction that defies their guarded hearts, they’re soon caught up in secrets,
lust and lies.
A meeting that
wasn’t accidental.
A death that isn’t
as it seems.
A craving to get
Everybody has a dark side.
But sometimes, the biggest lies are the ones we tell
Close is
a steamy romantic suspense that explores the terribly ordinary events that
break us and the beautifully ordinary things that make us whole.
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June 2016




When my mother showed me a picture of his body, the thing that struck me first was not how grey he looked, how at odds with his habitual golden glow.
Nor was it how small he looked—his six-foot frame and broad chest somehow diminished. Childlike and vulnerable. Rendered irrelevant by death.
It wasn’t even the feelings—the tsunami of feelings that would rush in later and blindside me. Given that I had barely seen him in years and had never been close to him to begin with, the feelings were surprisingly ferocious.
Those things came later. They came and hit me—less like the proverbial sledgehammer and more like a subtle self-combustion. Invisible to an observer. But damaging nonetheless. Suffocating me. Crushing me from the inside out.
But not then. Not at first.
The thing that struck me initially was that she had coolly snapped a picture. As though this was another moment in time to capture for posterity. More striking because what other mothers might have captured, she had never bothered with.
First tooth. No snap.
First step. No snap.
First birthday. No snap. No cake, either, for that matter.
But first death?
Snap, snap, snap.


Author Bio



Fen Wilde writes gritty contemporary erotic romance and
romantic suspense novels.

A social worker by profession, she is particularly interested in the complex
things that drive us towards keep us out of connection with each other – how
fragile, how beautiful, how flawed we all are.

She lives in Melbourne, Australia with her partner, two
children and Burmese cat.

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