Privileged by Carrie Aarons

In a world of wealth and power, the rules of love and war are nothing as they seem.

Nora Randolph never wanted a life of luxury. But when her mother falls in love with the heir to the British throne, their small-town lives are uprooted and every little girl’s fantasy becomes her reality. All too quickly, she learns the dangers of running in circles with the world’s elite, especially when she attracts the attention of Winston Academy’s resident golden boy.

Asher Frederick has known nothing but favor and fortune. The son of London’s most influential family, his future has been written in stone since infancy. But a tragic childhood loss redirects his course, and revenge has been boiling in his blood for years. When innocent and unaware Nora lands in his path, it’s as if the universe hands him the ammunition to finally drag his enemy through the mud.

But as his plan for vengeance gets more twisted, so do his feelings for Nora. And as her immersion into the upper crust dives deeper, she struggles to keep the secret she’s been guarding for eighteen years.

Heavy lies the crown, and when the ultimate betrayal blindsides her, will either of them survive the consequences that come crashing down on their heads?

PrivilegedPrivileged by Carrie Aarons

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve not read anything quite like this book before. I’m not sure what I expected, after reading the blurb, but it wasn’t what I got! I think I was prepared for a book full of pompous, overbearing brats, and instead I got a new adult love story that tugged at my heartstrings!

Nora is an American girl, who’s mother fell in love with, and is marrying, royalty. Nora is the new girl in an upscale private school for privileged, upper crust British teens. She has her own insecurities that she is dealing with, added to the gossip and ridicule that accompanies new students. But she handles it all with grace, and proves that you can’t judge someone by where they come from!

Asher is THAT guy. Popular, hot, rich. He rules the school. But underneath that, there is a rage that simmers, and he has just the plan to exact his revenge. Or so he thinks! I really didn’t want to like him because of his crazy ideas and plans, not to mention his entitled outlook on life. It’s amazing what a great girl will do for a guy’s personality!

This is everything you want in a fairy tale. Young American girl, finds her prince charming, and lives happily ever after. But it just isn’t that simple. This story has all of that, plus a crazy bad guy, exotic trips, and so much more. As much as I wasn’t sure I was going to like this book, I discovered that it was a great story that I totally enjoyed! Definitely worth the read, and one I’d recommend for anyone.

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