Our Last First Kiss by Darlene Tallman


When Tinsleigh Martin went through an ugly divorce, she spent the first six months eating her emotions. She had always dealt with self-esteem issues thanks to a domineering mother and having her ex cheat on her and then compound it by marrying the woman, she sank into depression. At the one-year mark, she had slowly taken some of the weight off but her doctor advised it needed to be a bit faster, so she turned to a personal trainer/nutritionist who was highly recommended.

Thorne Baker has his own painful past but has worked hard to move beyond the betrayal. When Tinsleigh walks into his gym the very first time, he feels an attraction he’s never had before with a client. Hours spent together working out as he gets her ready to compete in a triathlon only deepen his feelings. He knows, however, that he will have to let her set the pace because of her past.

What if everything you’ve always believed about yourself since you were a teenager turns out to be a lie? What if the man your heart desires lets you know he wants you too? Come and join Tinsleigh and Thorne and see if they get their happily-ever-after!

Our Last First KissOur Last First Kiss by Darlene Tallman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tinsleigh has had a pretty tough life. The husband she thought she could count on turned out not to be such a great husband. Her family isn’t all that great either. Now her health is declining, and she decides that is the one thing she can take control of and turn it around. I love how strong she is and how positive she is.

Thorne has had bad luck with relationships in his past, but takes one look at Tinsleigh and knows that she is IT for him. He also knows that she isn’t in a place to be receptive to that. I love how supportive of her he is, how patient he is with her. SWOON!

This book is absolutely beautiful. The connection between Thorne and Tinsleigh is pure and sweet. They are just perfect for each other. He is everything that she deserves, and she is everything that he never knew he wanted. Be prepared for a few LOLs, and even a few tears. This is a feel good book that makes you want to believe that the right guy really is out there waiting for you, and that true love really does exist!

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