Cross Stroke (On the Edge #1) by Elizabeth Hartey



One night left my heart shattered and my reputation ruined, and now my only hope is to transfer to another university far from home. Although I’m a champion figure skater and am used to succeeding, I can’t dump the burden of distrust and intimacy I’m carrying.

But when I literally crash into the cocky captain of the hockey team, sparks fly, and the attraction is as undeniable as it is unwanted.

No way is this arrogant hottie the one to help me move past my fears. Or is he…?


Overwhelmed with guilt and remorse, I can’t forget the tragic accident that killed my first love. To avoid ever feeling that kind of agonizing loss again, I vow to stick with one-night stands with every puck bunny who glides my way and focus on keeping my position on the hockey team.

But after I meet a feisty figure skater and am then thrown together with her as a lab partner, I find I want to melt the icy walls we’ve built around our hearts.

If we don’t strangle each other first.

My Review:

Cross Stroke (On the Edge, #1)Cross Stroke by Elizabeth Hartey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tracy is a figure skater pursuing graduate studies after transferring from another college. She left behind a betrayal so deep that she just isn’t sure she will ever recover from it. Dak is a college hockey player. He, too, has a tragic past that still haunts him years later. He has kept that past at bay with meaningless encounters, with those that expect nothing from him.

The hilarious banter between Trace and Dak kept me rolling though out this entire book. The chemistry between them was instant and very sweet. Both tried to avoid it at all cost, each for their own reasons, but once they got past that, Whoa! It went from sweet, to smoking in 2.5 seconds!

This book was fabulous, and the first that I’ve read from this author. It was well written, and very enjoyable. I was hooked from the beginning, and I can’t wait to see what this author comes up with next!

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