Every Breath You Take (Redeeming Love, #2) by J.E. Parker


Two damaged souls. One last shot at salvation.

I’m a single mom with a past as hideous as the scars marring my flesh.
I’ve endured a life of pain, escaped the clutches of a sadistic monster, and survived hell.
Because of my past, the walls surrounding my heart are strong.
Yet every time Anthony speaks my name, I feel them begin to crumble.
With just one look, he makes me want things I can’t have.
Things like a father for my son and a husband for myself.
With the monster from my past closing in, I try to push him away.
But my heart and soul cry for me to pull him closer.
Falling for him is probably a big mistake.
Still, I can’t help but think it may be the sweetest mistake I’ll ever make.

One word to describe Shelby? Perfect.
As a homicide detective, I’m constantly surrounded by darkness.
But that all changed when her eyes met mine for the first time.
In less than a second, she became my light.
My hope.
My purpose.
And come hell or high water, I’m determined to keep her and her son close.
Terrified of a looming threat from her past, she tries her best to push me away.
But no matter how hard she pushes, I’m not going anywhere.
I don’t care what she’s running from, far as I’m concerned, her fate is sealed.
Both Shelby and her son are mine.

My Review:
Every Breath You Take (Redeeming Love, #2)Every Breath You Take by J.E. Parker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Maddie’s & Hendrix’s story made me cry big, ugly tears. Now Shelby’s and Anthony’s story has upped those tears, and added in a wow factor.

Shelby is a single mother, who has a past that is so horrendous that it is unimaginable. Her only goal right now is to finish school, raise her son, and avoid her past. Anthony is an officer with the local precinct. The first minute he sees Shelby, he knows that she is his forever. The patience and support that he shows Shelby is definitely swoon-worthy! As hard as Shelby fights against Anthony, he doesn’t give up! Its amazing.

This book was a great follow up to Every Moment with You. Well written, with lots of emotions, lots of love, lots of amazing, crazy family! I can’t wait for the next book, because I know it’s going to be just as action packed and emotion filled as this one!

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