Steal You by K.D. Robichaux, C.C. Monroe


I was a good girl.
Until you made me love you.
You trained me to be your pretty little bird,
my feathers spreading under your attention and praise.
You promised you’d leave her.
Swore it was me you wanted more than life.
But then you broke my wings and silenced my song,
and you became my obsession.
I’ve spent years trying to figure out a way to change your mind,
to win back your heart.
But in this moment of desperation,
my mind leaves me.
And I’ll just
Steal you

Surely a fertility doctor would never steal a semen analysis sample for herself?

Steal You is a dark erotic romance full of suspense, depicting a twisted love affair between a professor and his student. They have an obsessive, almost scary kind of love, one that could get them both hurt… and maybe even killed.

Steal YouSteal You by K.D. Robichaux

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve never felt such mixed emotions when beginning a review. Not because this book wasn’t amazing, rather because I’m just not sure that my words will be enough to express my feelings about this book. But I will give it a try.

This book is probably about the most twisted, demented book I’ve ever read. The hero and heroine are the kind that you love to hate, and hate to love. The crazy is strong in these two!

What begins as an affair between a professor and his student becomes so much more. And then, all of a sudden it is over. What seems hopeless, suddenly has a second chance.

I cannot say enough how amazing this book was. As strange as it seems, the crazy just made it better. This story was full of angst and drama. You never knew what was coming next and there were times I found myself having to read a passage again because I just couldn’t believe what had just happened. My emotions were out in full force with this one, and ran the gamut between anger, tear, disbelief, and happiness. I found myself finding their crazy to be normal, even sweet at times. I caution readers to have an open mind when reading this book, but it is totally worth the time. It is completely unlike anything else I’ve ever read before, more hard core than most, but still a book that will stick with me for a very long time!

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