Blaze (Satan’s Fury MC Memphis Chapter #1) by L. Wilder


In Memphis, Tennessee, Satan’s Fury MC had become the most notorious MC in the city. That recognition hadn’t come easy. While people were visiting Graceland and walking down on Beale Street, my brothers and I were at war, fighting rival MCs and gangs who were trying to take control of our territory.
We had staked our claim, but when a new threat arrived, everything we had worked for would be put in jeopardy.
Kenadee Brooks was a nurse, trying to save lives and make a difference in the world. The moment I saw her, it wasn’t just her beauty that caught my eye. It was the light that burned deep inside of her that drew me in. I longed for it, and with each moment I spent with her, the more determined I became to make her mine.
But when she was pulled into my world, saw the life that I lived, would that light still burn bright or would it disappear forever?

My Review:

Blaze:: Satan's Fury MC- Memphis Chapter (Book 1)Blaze:: Satan’s Fury MC- Memphis Chapter by L. Wilder

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a new to me author, and I have to say, I’m really impressed. I loved this book! It’s a little more hard core than most of the MC books out there, as the MC is not totally above board, but there isn’t a lot of the disrespect for the women that you see in some others. It wasn’t so out of my comfort zone that I couldn’t enjoy it, but neither was it a sappy love story. (Hope that makes sense!)

Blaze is a man with a tragic past. Even so, he loves his son, his parents, his MC family, and his job. He works hard, and plays harder. But when he runs across Kenadee, he begins to yearn for something that he didn’t even notice was missing from his awesome life.

Kenadee is a nurse at the local hospital. She is also a good girl. She works hard, and enjoys helping people. She loves who she is. She shares her life, work and home, with her best friend, Robin. But it seems like she is missing something.

Blaze and Kenadee together are explosive! They are such a fun couple! I can’t believe how hot this book is! And there is so much action, so much going on, that I just couldn’t put it down, once I got started. It’s like a hard core action adventure flick. Stuff blows up, things catch on fire, and then the good guys go after the bad guys (You know there has to be a happy ending in there!) This book focuses first and foremost on family, brotherhood, and sticking together. It was a great read, and I’d totally recommend it for anyone looking for a more serious, action geared read, that still has ample heat and romance!

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