Clipped Wings by Betty Shreffler


They call me the Devil’s assassin. It’s true. I have blood on my hands.
As the VP of the Serpents, my life is driven by loyalty, honor, brotherhood.
Until I see her.
Too young, too innocent. Mine to claim.

What I am, what I do, can never reach her. My dark secrets are scars I bear alone.
I’m torn between my duties and the woman I’ll die to protect.
Until…they try to take what’s mine.

My Review:

Clipped WingsClipped Wings by Betty Shreffler

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve read, and enjoyed, a couple of books by this author before. While I enjoyed this book, it was on a different level than the others. This book….it’s not what I expected. If you are looking for a good guy, if you are looking for a frou-frou MC story, this is not it. Just a warning, this book leans toward the harsher side of the MC life style.

Dom is the VP of the Devil’s Serpents MC. He is everything you hear about MC. He’s tough, intimidating, and dangerous. But he takes one look at Erika, and his whole life changes. She is everything he didn’t know he wanted.

Erika has had a rough life so far, and it just keeps getting worse. At 18, her life as an adult is starting out looking pretty bleak. Her only goal for her life is to make herself into a better person, get away from the tragedy that was her childhood. The one bright spot, is Dom. She can’t deny the instant attraction to him, and wouldn’t, even if she could.

The connection between Erika and Dom was so bright, so electric, it was irrefutable. There is no denying that Erika and Dom belong together, but there is more at work than just their budding relationship. Someone is working against them. Someone wants to destroy them. Someone wants to tear them apart.

This book is HOT from word 1! Sometimes, it was enough to make me blush, it was so hot! And I never knew what was coming next! There was so much action, so much going on in this book, that I read it in one sitting, because I just couldn’t put it down! I just had to find out what was going to happen. This book was amazing, and the ending, well, I just didn’t see that coming!

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