Fallout (Hawks MC: Caroline Springs Charter #6) by Lila Rose


Poppy Torian has been in love with Jerimiah since she moved to Caroline Springs. Only he didn’t know she existed until her dad joined his father’s MC club, the Venom’s.

Friends. It’s what’s she been assigned to, but Poppy wants more. Biding her time, a few years to be exact, she goes to make her move. But when she overhears Jerimiah saying things that crack her heart, she runs.

In an emotional state, she makes a grave mistake and heads directly into the path of trouble. Poppy has no choice but to leave town; it’s the only way to protect the people she loves.

Jerimiah “Fang” Liang has dealt with a lot of crap in his life. A corrupt father, an MC he doesn’t want to be a part of—until he changes clubs and hooks up with the Hawks MC—and the loss of a woman he thought could be his forever. Until she left him for four years, without giving a reason why.

But sh*t really does happen for a reason. She’s back in town and is the one woman who currently doesn’t want anything do to with him. But Fang is determined to change her mind, to help her out and win her over… despite the possible fallout.

My Review:
Fallout (Hawks MC: Caroline Springs Charter #6)Fallout by Lila Rose

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is book 6 in the Hawks MC: Caroline Springs Charter Series. It focuses on Jerimiah (Fang) and his childhood friend, Poppy. As teens, they both felt more, but it never went any further than friendship. Then they are torn apart by things beyond their control, and kept apart by miscommunication and stubbornness. This book is told in present tense, with flashbacks to the past, which really lends to the story.

Jerimiah loved Poppy as a teen, but knew she was too young. As adults, he doesn’t understand what happened to make Poppy stay away from him. But once he makes up his mind, Poppy doesn’t have a chance of resisting!

I loved this story for so many reasons. Not the least of which is that I love how great these two are together! Despite all of the obstacles in their way, they just make so much sense to me! I’m glad to finally see Jerimiah getting his HEA. As with all of the Hawks guys, he is awesome, and exactly what Poppy needs.

This story is a stand alone, but ties closely with previous books. There are events from previous books that are mentioned and play heavily into the plot of this one. While you shouldn’t have to read previous books to enjoy this one, I would recommend reading the series in order, to get the full effect of the Hawks MC!

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