Tempting Tessa by Samantha Lind


After losing her high school sweetheart to an accident at work, Tessa doesn’t know how to move on in life even though life is moving on all around her. She’s caught up in trying to figure out how to survive without her husband, raise their son and keep his memory alive. When things literally start falling apart all around her, will she be able to accept the help being offered and love again?

Jake has pulled his life back together after living through hell while being injured in the Army. It takes him years to recover and he’s still dealing with the emotional pain. When Tessa enters his life and turns it upside down, can he tempt her to fall in love with him and find her new forever?

My Review:

Tempting TessaTempting Tessa by Samantha Lind

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is an inspiring story about a man and a woman, who have both had tragedy strike, and have done their best to move past it. Be prepared for big, ugly tears!

Tessa is a widow with a young son, who lost her husband, who was a firefighter, in the line of duty. She has done well, but kept mostly to herself, other than family and close friends. When she has some repairs that need to be done to her home, she takes her best friend’s advise and hires a small, local company to do the work.

Jake is former military, who took over his family construction business, after returning home and leaving the military due to some pretty serious injuries. It took a long time, but he has finally regained his health, and mostly gotten a handle on his PTSD.

Despite an immediate attraction, this story has a slow, sweet build up between Jake and Tessa. I loved how real this story felt, how realistic the relationship between Jake and Tessa was. I loved how supportive they both are of each other and accepting of their faults. This story had several surprises built in, that kept me on my toes, and built the anticipation. This was a fabulous story that I’d recommend to anyone looking for a feel good story!

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