Lassoed (Steele Ranch #5) by Vanessa Vale


Sam and Ashe didn’t believe in love at first sight. They didn’t understand how the men who’d been spurred, wrangled, tangled and even hitched to the other Steele heiresses fell so hard, so fast. Until now. One look at Natalie and Sam and Ashe are ruined for all other women. But she’s not easy to tame. They’ll need to lasso more than just her heart in order to make her theirs once and for all.

But a final twist puts all five of the Steele sisters in danger. With the help of their men, can Natalie, Kady, Penny, Cricket and Sarah finally find peace and bring the one thing back to the ranch that’s always been missing? Family.

My Review:

Lassoed (Steele Ranch #5)Lassoed by Vanessa Vale

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the last book in the Steele Ranch series, and boy, Ms. Vale pulled out all the stops with this one! Natalie is a girl who never felt like she fit in. An only child, who was brought up believing that her father died, she is quiet and reserved. But when she feels threatened or mistreated, the claws come out! She’s exactly the kind of main female character I like to see, modest, but doesn’t hesitate to take up for herself when needed!

Sam and Ashe are typical men. They see something they want, and go after it, without stopping to think about the consequences. And of course, that leads to problems!

I loved this book! I love how accepting the girls are of each other, and how supportive the men are of the women. It definitely gives new meaning to the word family! I also loved catching a glimpse of the lives of the other sisters! There are twists and turns in this book that I never saw coming! (you’ll have to read it to find out!!!!) It’s an amazing ending to a fun series!

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