Release Blitz for Every Promise You Made by JE Parker

Title: Every Promise You Made
Series: Redeeming Love Series
Author: J.E. Parker
Genre: New Adult Romance

Release Date: May 24, 2018

Red Hatter Book Blog – “Their story is one of the most powerful and emotional stories I have ever read.”

Sheridan – “I think their story will stay with me forever!”

Jenn the Readaholic – “This book was absolutely fantastic.”

Christine Jalili – “This book completely gutted me but also left me feeling like they had so much love.”

Two shattered lives. One final vow. 


Growing up, I had everything.
A loving big brother, a great family and a happy life.
But then it all changed. Now, my entire world is shattered.
The only thing that still makes sense is how I feel about Evan.
I love him more than anything, but it’s not enough anymore.
I’m tired of chasing after him. Tired of being held at arm’s length.
I can’t live like this any longer.
Walking away will destroy me.
Yet what other choice do I have?


Growing up, my best friend’s sister was always around.
I took care of her, I protected her. She was my friend too.
Then one night she became more. So much more.
But then all hell broke loose.
I screwed up. I became the reason for her pain.
My mistake ruined everything.
Afraid of destroying what we have left, I keep her at arm’s length.
Fed up with my distance, she’s ready to end it all.
That can’t happen.
It’s time to face facts… Hope is mine.

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Every Promise You Made (Redeeming Love, #3)Every Promise You Made by J.E. Parker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book started tugging at my heart right from the beginning. Hope and Evan grew up together. He was her brother’s best friend. They had their whole life in front of them, and hints of a forever kind of romance. They just had to get through Evan’s last deployment to Iraq. Unfortunately, tragedy struck. Evan came home, but he isn’t the same. Now they are caught in an endless cycle of hurt, and need. It was heartbreaking! These two were hurting so much. Hurting themselves. Hurting each other. Their emotions come through so clearly, I just wanted to break down and cry for them. The author’s descriptions are so vivid, I could almost feel what they were feeling. It’s unreal. Throughout, I could only hope that they could keep it together, and come out stronger on the other side of it all.

This book was so full of every emotion, that I was pulled every which way. Lots of tears, and more than a few laughs. There were even a couple of times that I laughed so hard, I cried! This series has been a roller coaster, with each book adding to the next. From one book to the next, they’ve added to their mixed up, crazy family, and it just keeps getting better. This book was just amazing, in every way!

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J.E. Parker is an American romance author who was born and raised in the great state of North Carolina. A southern belle at heart, she’s addicted to sweet tea, Cheerwine, and peach cobbler.Not only is J.E. married to the man of her dreams (albeit a total pain in the rear), she’s also the mother of a herd of sweet (sometimes), and angelic (only when they’re sleeping) children. Despite their occasional demonic behavior and bottomless stomachs, J.E. loves her little tribe more than words could ever express.

On the weekends, you can find her sitting on the couch, cheering on (or cursing) her favorite football team, stuffing her face with junk food, and guzzling a bottle of cheap red wine.

When she’s not busy making sure her husband doesn’t burn the house down or acting as a referee for her fighting children, J.E. enjoys reading, writing (obviously), and listening to a wide variety of music.


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