Clutch (Burning Saints MC Book 2) by Jack Davenport


The Burning Saints Motorcycle Club is the only family Clutch has known, and violence his only stock and trade. Humanity has handed him nothing but pain struggle, and he’s come to expect even less from it. As an orphan, he’s always found it easier to bond with machines than with people. Now his club family is in danger of losing its way, its identity, even its very existence.

Dr. Gina Gardner is newly single, completely unprepared to mingle, and as it turns out, cannot sing and safely operate a motor vehicle at the same time. What she craves is time away to figure out what she wants. What she just might get, however, is a detour to what she needs.

When Clutch and Gina find themselves at the same crossroad will they speed by each other, collide in a fiery crash, or blaze a new trail together?

My Review:

Clutch (Burning Saints MC Book 2)Clutch by Jack Davenport

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book 2 in the Burning Saints MC focuses on Clutch and Eldie (or Gina). Clutch is the Sergeant at Arms, and a total tough guy. But he’s pretty confused right now. His club is his life, and it’s changing. He isn’t sure that he likes those changes. But his president is his best friend, and he is doing what he has to to reserve judgement for now. Then he meets Gina, and he becomes even more confused. He is feeling and thinking things that are totally unlike him. He doesn’t know how to react, or what to do. This leads to some not so nice interactions, and some really HOT interactions!

Gina is a doctor, with her own clinic, in the town that the Burning Saints operate out of. She is a hoot! I think out of all of the females in all of the books I’ve read recently, she is my favorite. She is a strong woman, who knows who she is and has a heart the size of Texas! After meeting Clutch, she’s pretty confused too! He’s everything she shouldn’t want, but can’t resist.

This book is all about family: the family that you make, whether through club or love, and how important that family is. Clutch and Gina shouldn’t fit together so well, because they are so different, but they do. I loved how well they fit, even when they couldn’t see it. I loved how exciting and unpredictable this book was. I loved how I never knew what was coming next, and how the characters seemed to take on a life of their own. This book was a fabulous follow up to Minus, and I can’t wait to see who is waiting around the corner!

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