Light as Air (Compass Boys #4) by Mari Carr, Jayne Rylon


Two rough and ready cowboys. An innocent scientist. And a cyclone of desire that takes down everything in its path.

Doug never imagined life would send him chasing storms with stunning beauty, Rosalia. Rosalia puts herself in the path of tornadoes, but no twister has ever made her heart race like Doug….and his best friend, TJ.

A promise from TJ’s past is jeopardizing his hopes for a future…with Doug and Rosalia. When two men want one woman, and each other, will they let the winds of change blow them apart?

My Review:

Light as Air (Compass Boys #4)Light as Air by Mari Carr

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is book 12 in the Compton family Saga by Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon, and book 4 in the Compass Boys series. This book is about Doug (Seth & Jody’s son, from Southern Comfort), his best friend TJ, and a sweet Italian girl, named Rosalia.

Doug is so many things, resilient being the first that comes to mind. He took the ending of his dreams and turned it around, with the help and encouragement of his amazingly supportive family, making it into a new dream that eventually leads him to his future. He is also dependable, and reliable, as evidenced by his continued support and encouragement of TJ. He knows TJ’s life is not what it should be, and tries everything he can to pull him away from the train wreck his life has become, despite TJ’s reluctance. TJ, on the other hand, is so mired in his father’s mess that he can’t see his way clear. But he still managed to grow up to become an amazing man, despite his horrible upbringing. Rosalia is just plain amazing! She is open, and accepting, and her sunny outlook on life makes this trio one that grabs my heart!

This book was simply amazing! I couldn’t help but fall in love with everyone of the Comptons, and Doug, Rosalia and TJ were no exception. I loved watching them find their way to each other, as well as catching up with the lives of the other Comptons. Every time I read a book by one of these two authors, I am surprised all over again at how much I love their books! The chemistry, the connection, and the love that follows their characters pull readers in and won’t let them go. I’ve loved all of the Compass books, and am sad to see their stories come to an end. This amazing world has shared so much love with so many, and it was wonderful to watch the family grow, and evolve. This series is definitely on the top of my recommend (and re-read) list!

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