Release Blitz for Wine Thief by Mary Billiter


Title: Wine Thief

A Resort Romances Novel

Author: Mary Billiter
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing

Genre: Contemporary Romance

 Release Date: May 29, 2018


What happens
when a corporate spy clashes with a woman he can’t help but fall for? In Mary
Billiter’s witty novel of deception and heat, a red-hot suit and a beautiful
academic are linked by a vineyard and the mystery surrounding its origins.

Chloe Dorsey places her belongings in storage, puts Southern California in her
rearview mirror, and heads to her sister’s home in Northern California for a
fresh start. As one of the newly hired wine educators at the Napa Valley Point
Resort and Winery, Chloe’s knowledge of wine is as limited as her income.

Anthony “Tony” Mahoney has one objective—to locate the Mother Vine, the source
of the rare and award-winning wine that can only be found at the Napa Valley
Point Resort and Winery. His talent for stealing secrets is tested when he
makes an unlikely alliance with the one woman who could destroy all his plans.


Can Chloe stop the wine thief, or will she have her heart crushed in the


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$1.99 (half price!) for a limited time
Author Bio
Mary Billiter is a weekly newspaper columnist and fiction
author. She also has novels published under the pen name, “Pumpkin Spice.”
Mary resides in the Cowboy State with her unabashedly bald
husband, her four amazing children, two fantastic step-kids, and their runaway
dog. She does her best writing (in her head) on her daily runs in wild,
romantic, beautiful Wyoming.


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