Law: Rebel Guardians MC by Liberty Parker & Darlene Tallman


Elijah “Law” Jackson is a local attorney. He’s also a biker with The Rebel Guardians MC. After his long-time girlfriend, Ava, and he part ways, he goes on a bit of a sabbatical to clear his head. He knows that she wasn’t the one, but he wants what his brothers have found in their women.
Cassarah Clarke was the product of a system that failed her. Growing up in a group home with her sister, she kept her head down and her nose in the books in order to make a life. Even though she has her cosmetology license, she works in a local diner to make ends meet and to keep under the radar, because her brother-in-law is a very bad man. She doesn’t feel love is in the cards for her, especially not living in Podunk, USA. Until him. Seeing the clear blue eyes staring at her as he waited for her to pour his coffee, she feels an attraction that she’s never experienced before.
Can Law break through Cassarah’s shyness and show her she deserves every good thing?

My Review:

Law: Rebel Guardians MCLaw: Rebel Guardians MC by Liberty Parker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Each RGMC book gets better than the last! (just want to put that out there!) I really think that Law is my favorite RGMC member, at this point!

Law is the club lawyer, and at the end of Smokey and Bandit, he announces that his relationship is over and he is taking a leave of absence. The problem is, the end of his relationship isn’t what is bothering him so bad. There are other things in his life that have gone sideways, and he can’t get that off his mind. So, he decides to take a trip, on his own, to get his head straight. He heads to a cabin that was left to him by his grandparents, and on his first day there, he meets Cassarah, a waitress in the local diner. Cassarah catches his eye immediately, and he just can’t let her go! He wants her, and he begins to pursue her, relentlessly. Just like all of the other RGMC guys, he knows that she is his, and is determined enough to make her see that.

Cassarah is a sweet, quiet girl. She also has a pretty horrible past. A product of the foster care system, the only family she has, is her sister, and niece. However, she has had to isolate herself from them, because her sister is married to a very bad man, that has threatened them all. Cassarah knows more than she should, and it is the reason she is hiding. She hopes without her there, he will leave her sister and niece alone. Maybe. But now, she is wary of Law, of any Alpha male really, because she knows a pretty face can hide a monster. It would take someone pretty special to get past her walls and make her see that all men aren’t like her brother in law.

Law is just pretty fabulous! He is stubborn, determined, and genuinely wants Cassarah. He is the kind of man that she needs, and strong enough to support her through the drama that is her life. She just isn’t sure. This book has just the right amount of heat, action, and family to produce a top notch MC romance. This entire series is made up of books that pull you in, and leave you wanting more. I’ve snatched up each one as soon as possible, and devoured each page eagerly. Each book is a complete story of a couple, but, like any great series, there is an ongoing story that is continued in each book. This story, in particular, takes the bits and pieces from the other stories and puts them together, pulling the entire series together. I just can’t get enough of the RGMC!

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