Betrothed to the Dragon (Lick of Fire) by Kara Lockharte



I like to pretend I’m just another immigrant trying make her way in New York City…but I’m not.

You may know of my family from stories of an older age. Across all nations, all cultures, my family was once worshipped as gods, cursed as demons and shunned as otherworldly creatures.

Reality? I am shen, but the worst kind of shen there is.

One who would rather pretend to be human than to rule them.

One with no magic.

One hunted by the immortal monster that killed my parents.

And now, I just discovered how grandma found us refuge in America, how she thought she could save me.

She betrothed me – to a dragon.

My Review:

Betrothed to the Dragon (Lick of Fire)Betrothed to the Dragon by Kara Lockharte

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a new to me author, but one I really did enjoy. This story was a quick read, but didn’t skimp on details. This is a paranormal read, one unlike any other I’ve read!

Sophie is of a ancient paranormal race, called the Shen. She was raised by her grandmother after her parents were killed by a being called The Destroyer. Her grandmother has been able to protect her so far, but to make sure she is safe if something happens to her, Grandmother has made arrangements for Sophie’s future. Grandmother has arranged a betrothal for Sophie. One that Sophie knew nothing about.

This book was a fun, quick read. It kept me interested, really pulled me in. The details were great, and there was lots of action to keep the story moving. I’m definitely going to keep my eye out for more stories by this author!

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