Pull You Through by Kaylee Ryan


Life is a series of events, one leading you to another. The hell I lived through with my drug-addicted parents led me to the Marine Corps. Committing my life to my country was easy. My brothers were my family–all I had and all I needed. I wasn’t looking for her, but I should have known life had other plans.

It led me to her.

From the moment we met, I knew he was different–I just didn’t realize he’d change my life. He was a guy on leave, an acquaintance. Until he was something more, something unforgettable. I never imagined he’d leave ten days later, taking a piece of me with him. Then again, maybe I did know. I just didn’t care.

He was worth it.

My Review:

Pull You ThroughPull You Through by Kaylee Ryan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is everything I’ve come to expect from a Kaylee Ryan book, and so much more! I knew, going into this book, that it was about a military serviceman, and the potential was there for some serious subject matter. I also knew that no matter how serious it got, that it would be an amazing story! She definitely did not let us down!

Slade had a rough upbringing, and he’s all alone in the world. Even so, he becomes a proud Marine, gaining a whole new type of family. That family led to him meeting Austyn, and his life changing again, this time for the better. Austyn is an awesome friend, responsible daughter, hard worker, and good student. She has her whole life mapped out for herself, and then she meets Slade. Right from the beginning, she is supportive, loving, and just plain amazing! Their entire relationship is both insta-love, as well as a slow burn.

This story is at times heart wrenching, but mostly a fabulous feel good story. It shows how hard military life is on both those that are deployed and those that are left behind. I found myself tearing up, more than once, thinking about how hard this life is for those that serve our country. Austyn and Slade’s story had me on an emotional roller coaster, but left me smiling in the end. It’s a beautiful, well written story, and will definitely be one that will go in my re-read pile!

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