Montana Fire (Small Town Romance, Book 1) by Vanessa Vale


Jane West’s life is perfectly average.

Perfectly boring.

Until Ty Strickland—Grade-A, smoking hot firefighter—moves in down the street. Then things get a little exciting, and not in the good, panty-melting sort of way. Not only does someone want her dead (seriously), she has to wrangle her out-of-control desires where the new neighbor is concerned, and convince her boss at the small town’s only adult toy store—who meddles in Jane’s love life—to leave the new hose-wielding hottie off her matchmaking radar.

But it’s not all chaos and pancakes. There’s Ty. And his smoking hot body. Smoking hot kisses. He’s burning the walls around her heart to nothing but ash. And she just might be falling in love…if she can stay alive long enough.

This is the first book in Vanessa Vale’s new Small Town Romance series, where the men in Montana aren’t just hot, they set things on fire.

My Review:

Montana Fire (Small Town Romance, Book 1)Montana Fire by Vanessa Vale

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you’ve read books by this author before, you know that she’s known for certain types of books. Menage, Western theme, with a little BDSM thrown in for good measure. This is not one of those books! Totally different from the ones I’ve read before (granted, I’ve not read them all, but I’ve loved the ones I have read!), this book is about a small town, a firefighter, a widow, and a couple of garden gnomes. (Yes, you read that right. Gnomes.)

Jane is just a girl, living in a small town. She has two sons, is widowed, and works in an “Adult” store. Her relationship with her husband wasn’t really great. Matter of fact, it was pretty bad. But now, despite being alone to raise her boys, she seems to be pretty happy with her life. Thinks are pretty easy, going along smoothly, until one day some really strange things start happening…..

Ty is former military, and has recently moved to the neighborhood to join the fire department. He is a typical male, doesn’t believe that relationships are for him. But even he can deny the instant attraction for Jane. She just seems to attract trouble. And he isn’t sure that there is room for that in his life.

This book is very different from other books by this author. But it is also very similar, in that there were plenty of laughs, and lots of mischief, mayhem, and adventure to keep the story moving. This was a fun beginning to what promises to be a must read series, from an author that always delivers a great book!

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