Sloe Screw (River Street Bar Series, #3) by Nazarea Andrews


Vivian Fitzpatrick is a big dreams girl stuck in a small town.
She likes her job, and she adores her friends, but there’s a tiny part of her that still wants adventure. Wants all the unfulfilled dreams to come true. She still wants to base jump and skydive and do everything her ex-boyfriend said she was too chicken-shit to do.
Which is probably how she ends up moonlighting for a phone sex line.

Matteo Soto is just trying to figure out how to live again.
A bomb in Iraq left half his unit dead, and Matteo broken. He puts on a good act–the rookie at RCPD, taking care of his dead best friend’s family. But it feels too much like going through the motions, too much like marking time.

He needs a reason to get up in the morning.
She needs to feel alive.
Together, they might just get everything they didn’t know they wanted.

My Review:

Sloe Screw (River Street Bar Series, #3)Sloe Screw by Nazarea Andrews

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok, so I didn’t read the blurb for this book before I began reading it. I didn’t think I needed too, since I’d enjoyed the other two books in the series so much. Oh, boy, was I in for a surprise! A phone sex operator?!? That was just different enough that the more I read, the more intrigued I became. I have to say, it was totally HOT! Five alarm, burn down the building HOT!

Vivi is a small town girl, who was just dumped by her very long term boyfriend. Out of the blue, left the country dumped! Saying she didn’t take it well is an understatement. Of the Century! She starts doing some crazy, self destructive things. (Like becoming a phone sex operator in her down time!) Over all, she is a smart, strong, loyal woman, who went off the rails for a bit, and lost her way.

Matteo is former military. He lost his best friend over seas, and has moved to this small town to take care of his best friend’s family. He joins the local police force, meets some people, makes some friends. But he has a dirty little secret……..

This book was great. The chemistry was amazing, the characters engaging, and the story line was just plain HOT! I loved the fact that Vivi is a dispatcher (it’s not something that is seen in books often, because they are behind the scenes, most people don’t even think about them being there) It makes it easy to connect with her crazy character. I loved the connection between Matteo and Vivi. I loved the fact that even though Vivi was a phone sex operator, it wasn’t sleazy, but was handled classy. This was a fantastic read, one that I will definitely be recommending to friends!

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