Capone: Rebel Guardians MC by Liberty Parker & Darlene Tallman


Bridget Nelson is a broken, defeated woman. Used by her brother as his gang’s playtoy, she feels beyond less than, but when she found out what Charlie had planned for her and Hannah, she fled and landed in Corinth, Texas. With her trust issues, she wants no part of a relationship with any man, choosing instead to focus on intensive therapy and cosmetology school so she can work in Cassarah’s salon.

She never counted on a man like him, though. He swept in like a Texas Tornado and never let go.

Kade “Capone” Edwards is a patched member of the Rebel Guardians. Relatively laidback, he loves the sense of freedom that being part of this brotherhood gives him. He’s never been one who thought he would find an old lady, but once he sets eyes on Bridget the very first time, he knows that she’s the one. He’s not put off by her past, and is there to help her in any way possible, knowing that he’s going to have to wear her down and show her that he’s different.

Can Capone break through Bridget’s walls and show her that she is worthy of a loving relationship? Or will she continue to push him away and deprive him of what his heart desires.

My Review:

Capone: Rebel Guardians MCCapone: Rebel Guardians MC by Liberty Parker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is a heart wrenching, emotional roller coaster! We met these characters in Smokey & Bandit. She was a bad character that turned out to not be so bad, just put in an impossible situation. This story focuses on Bridgett and Capone. This story could possibly be read as a stand alone, but there are quite a few references from previous books that would not be understood if they had not been read. There is also the whole dynamic of the RGMC that is build upon with each book, which may lead to a difference in the reading experience if the previous books had not been read.

Bridgett had a horrible, no good, very bad life. Her life, before RGMC, was just about as bad as anyone could imagine. Now that she is away from that situation, she is dealing with a whole host of issues, both emotional and physical. She is trying to get back to her self, to discover who she is, and is working hard to get there, but she just isn’t sure that she will ever be able to live a full life.

Capone is just……amazing. He took one look at Bridgett and just….knew. His patience, and perseverance knows no boundaries. He is dedicated to helping Bridgett become who she wants to be, helping her get what she wants out of life, and will do whatever it takes.

Although there is just as much action, and drama, in this story as in the previous ones of the series, this book focuses more on the emotional healing of the character, and the amazing family that the RGMC has build that provides an amazing amount of love and support to her. This book was a fabulous example of family being what you build, not what you are born to.

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