Wildly Inappropriate by Lila Dubois

This book was released previously as part of the Wild Irish Kindle World, and has now been released on other platforms (still the same amazing story, but with a fabulous new cover!)


Edward Donal goes to Pat’s Pub hoping to rent out the famous bar in order to host a BDSM mixer. Instead he finds Winter, a beautiful woman giving off distinctly submissive vibes. When he runs into Master Anderson, an acquaintance from the LA BDSM club he had to leave behind, he decides to see if Anderson’s correct when he says Winter needs the escape and loss of control that a powerful Dom can give her.
What starts out as only sex becomes something more, when they realize they need and want each other even outside their roles as dominant and submissive. But Edward and Winter are very different people, from two very different series…uh, worlds. With the staff at Pat’s Pub meddling in their relationship, and some surprise visits from old friends, this relationship that began as something wildly inappropriate may turn out to be something simpler—true love.

My Review:

Wildly Inappropriate (Wild Irish Kindle World)Wildly Inappropriate by Lila Dubois

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love, love, loved this story! The Kindle worlds are fantastic and interesting in their own right, but Lila Dubois is the co author of one of my favorite series (The Trinity Masters/Masters Admiralty series), along with Mari Carr, who wrote the Wild Irish series. This is the best of both worlds! With ties to Wild Irish, Trinity Masters, and Lila Dubois’ BDSM series, this story took everything I love and dumped it all together in one story!

Edward is looking for something…..he thinks he knows what, but really, he doesn’t. Winter is stressed to the max, and doesn’t even know that she is looking for something to take that away. A chance meeting in Pat’s Pub throws them together, and sets them on a path that could lead them to ultimate happiness (you know the HEA is there, it IS a romance, after all!).

From an immediate attraction, to introducing Winter to a brand new world, these two are amazingly well matched and perfect for each other. Although this is a short novella, it is a complete story, including a HEA. This was another fabulous read from this author!

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