Mission: Accomplished: A Club Alias Novella Boxed Set by K.D. Robichaux


Boxed Set of Standalone Novellas formerly in Amazon’s Kindle Worlds.
Karma’s Pawn
Until We Meet Again
Bonus: Club Scene

Brian is one of the four main characters in the Club Alias Series. They are a group of Doms who own a BDSM club, but are also mercenaries who work tirelessly to get rid of bad guys who slip through the judicial system’s cracks. Those evil people who escape justice with their loads of money and fancy lawyers—Imperium Security takes care of them and makes it all look like karma. Throughout the series, Brian frequently disappears to go on missions. These novellas are those missions. But little do the other guys know, quiet and serious Brian meets up with his free-spirited best friend with benefits, Clarice, during each job for a little motivation, and for his reward when the files are marked Mission: Accomplished.

The Club Alias Series:
(Can be read as Standalones)
The Confession Duet Boxed Set (Before the Lie & Truth Revealed)
Mission: Accomplished

My Review:

Mission: Accomplished: A Club Alias Novella Boxed SetMission: Accomplished: A Club Alias Novella Boxed Set by K.D. Robichaux

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is an amazing concept, one that I completely enjoyed.  This author took a book she was planning to write, about a character that was introduced in previous books, and through a series of novellas, gave us a taste of what was to come!  Now they are all together, in one awesome book. I loved getting to know Brian and Clarice, and I can’t wait to read their HEA!

This is definitely not your normal romance novel.  There isn’t really a HEA, but there is a satisfactory conclusion to the story.  There is really 2 focuses of the story, the “rendezvous” between the main characters, Clarice and Brian, and the mystery to be solved.  The main characters come from KD Robichaux’s Alias series.  As advertised in the blurb, this isn’t really an entire story, but more a part of a bigger story.  It is an excellent intro to the seris, and definitely pulled me in.  I’ve read the rest of the Alias series, and this definitely fits right in with the other books.

Clarice and Brian are a couple that really aren’t a couple.  They are friends, but more.  Robichaux definitely left me wanting more, but I’m don’t really feel like its left unfinished, or that its a cliff hanger.  I feel like she accomplished what was meant to be done in this novella, but hinted at more to come.  She has said that there will be a series of novellas with Clarice and Brian, spanning several different “missions”, and ending with their own novel and HEA.  To me, this is something I’ve not seen done before, and I’m really looking forward to it!  If you are a fan of Robichaux, you definitely don’t want to miss this one.  If you haven’t read any of her stories, then you should totally catch up!  All of her books are worth the read.

Karma’s Pawn:
Another city, another mission, another glimpse into the life of Brian and Clarice. This time, girls are disappearing from the college and Brian has come to Raleigh, NC at the request of his friend to try to find out why. Clarice is in town on business, and meets Brian for some….shenanigans! This story has some extra plot twists, secrets, and drama built in, and really threw me for a loop at a few points. I didn’t see it coming, and it totally made my heart skip a beat!

As with Rendezvous, this is not a complete romance, and should not be read with that expectation. It is a glimpse into what is coming. However, there is still a mystery to be solved, things to figure out, and bad guys to stop. You also don’t have to read the previous books to keep up with what is going on, but it does add to the overall experience if you have!

I am loving these little bits that KD Robichaux is throwing out there about Brian and Clarice, by way of different “missions”! This is such a fun idea, and really is building the anticipation of the HEA that has to be coming for them!

Until We Meet Again:
Once again, Brian is racing across the country, doing his part to make sure the bad guys don’t win. Once again, Clarice is there to support him, in her own way. This little slice of time that we get to spend with Brian and Clarice gives just a bit more of a glimpse into their relationship, a little shot of things to come, just a hint of what might be next. And this story is HOT to the nth degree! OMG, its hot enough you just might need a fire extinguisher! Wow! There just isn’t another way to put it.

But underneath of the heat, and the danger, there lies a hint of feelings, hope, and a possible future, that just grabbed me and made me catch my breath. I couldn’t help but think about what could possibly be coming to top this mission!

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