His Lady: The Wounded Souls by Leah Sharelle


A place without you, Lady, ain’t anywhere I want to be.
I love you, Rainn.


Mannix Steel lives by one rule—loyalty always.
It helped him through one hellish deployment where he lost an eye, friends died, and his twin lost his leg, and worst of all, when he lost his family. The Wounded Souls’ enforcer decided life is easier without letting his heart make the decisions. That’s why the club’s sexy dancer is perfect for him, no strings, no promises, and no heartache. Or, at least, that is what he thought, but when Rainn goes missing, Mannix realises she means much more to him.


Being the spotlight dancer for the Wounded Souls’ strip club, Body and Souls, Rainn Storm knows how to use her body. She is a woman who is strong, independent, and, to her chagrin, deeply in love with the club’s rough-around-the-edges enforcer, Mannix. They have been in an open relationship for years, but that is not enough for her now, especially since she has a secret that may destroy everything she has with her lover.

Will Mannix and Rainn ever see eye to eye on their relationship? Or will the dangerous Rogue destroy it for them?

My Review:

His Lady: The Wounded SoulsHis Lady: The Wounded Souls by Leah Sharelle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This next book in the Wounded Souls Series, focuses on Rainn and Mannix. We were previously introduced to them in the other books in the series. We were also given hints at their unconventional relationship. This story picks up where book three left off. While this book is about Rainn and Mannix, there is an ongoing story line that continues through all of the books, that may cause some confusion, if the books aren’t read in order.

Mannix is a man who’s life hasn’t been pretty. Wounded in service to his country, when he finally came home for good, he lost his family in an unpredictable, horrible way. He is left with a mistrust he has no interest in getting past. His relationship with Rainn, while not normal, is all he can allow himself. It works for them, until Rainn goes missing, and he is left with only his thoughts.

Rainn is a strong woman who doesn’t need a man in her life. Her relationship with Mannix fills the needs that she has, but she wants more. It was enough, but now other things have come into play, and she isn’t sure it’s going to work for much longer.

This story continues the story of the villain from the previous books, but focuses on Rainn, Mannix and their story. There is plenty of action, lots of heat, and even a few tears. Rainn and Mannix are combustible together, and their interactions are, at times, hilarious! I could see the sparks in previous books, and they blew up in this one! I’m looking forward to the next book, to find out what happens next!

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