Release Blitz for Unbreak This Heart by Betty Shreffler


Title: Unbreak This Heart
Author: Betty Shreffler
Genre: Contemporary Romance Standalone
Release Date: August 31, 2018

Ever since that horrific night, I’d shut men completely out of my life.
I’d gone from the spunky, fun, Alex DeMarco to a broken woman terrified of
intimacy. Easing me back into dating, my best friend sets me up with kickboxing
lessons from my charming and perfectly sculpted instructor—Carter

Carter’s goal is to break through my emotional barrier and mold my
heart just like he molds my body, but trusting men is a battle I’m not ready
for. What’s worse is my ex fiancé, Todd Livingston—the man who tore my heart in
two—wants me back, and as much as I’d like to deny it, the feelings are still
Both men want what I can’t give—my body and my love—and neither are
willing to give up the fight. But only one of them can unbreak this heart of
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My Review:

Unbreak This HeartUnbreak This Heart by Betty Shreffler

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve read a few books by this author before, and I’ve enjoyed them, so I picked this one up, thinking it sounded interesting. Boy, was I in for a surprise! This book was so good! The characters in this book pulled my emotions all over the place and I never knew what was coming next!

Alex is a woman on the edge. She is emotionally fragile, having survived something so horrible, so tragic, that most would just curl up and give up on life. To make things even worse, afterwards, the one she should have been able to count on deserted her in her time of need. Despite how emotionally fragile she is, she is also a very strong woman. She is able to pull herself up, with the help of some really amazing friends, and slowly move forward.

Carter is just purely amazing! He is sweet, patient, giving, and everything that Alex needs. He gives her what she needs, even if it isn’t him at the time. His ability to put her first, regardless of his feelings and wants, absolutely made me swoon! He has his own past with bad circumstances, but he doesn’t let it affect him or how he feels or reacts to Alex. He is so strong and determined! He is the perfect book boyfriend, and makes me want to claim him for my own! (LOL, just kidding, sort of!!!)

This book is more serious than some that I’ve read by other authors, because there is some very serious subject matters included (there are some events that may be triggers for some, that are very descriptive, and may be hard for some readers) but this book was simply perfect. I loved Alex and Carter together, even though at times I wanted to shake Alex and ask her what in the heck she was thinking! Their journey wasn’t an easy one, but it was all the more amazing because they made it to their HEA together!

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Praise for
Unbreak This Heart
“Every single page has you addicted and craving
more.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer
“Holy Moly! This book was an emotional rollercoaster, I
went through every emotion possible. Alex’s story shows that a person can
survive a tragedy, and become a stronger person in the end…This is for sure
one of my top reads of 2018. This is a must read!” ~
Goodreads Reviewer
Author Bio
Betty Shreffler is a
bestselling author of paranormal romantic suspense and contemporary
romance. She writes sexy and suspenseful stories with hot alphas and
kickass heroines with twists you don’t expect. She also writes beautiful and
sexy romances with tough women and their journeys at finding love. Betty is a
mix of country, nerdy, sassy, sweet and a whole lot of sense of humor. She’s a
fan of photography, reading, watching movies, hiking, traveling, drinking wine,
and all things romantic. She lives with her amazing hubs and five fur babies.
If she’s not writing or doing book events, then you can find her behind the
lens of a camera, in the woods, or sipping wine behind a deliciously steamy
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