Smiley (Grim Sinners MC Originals Book 1) by LeAnn Ashers



It was completely unexpected. I’d never imagined he would come into my life. From the moment I met him, I knew there was no going back. He made me feel things I had never experienced before:

I was floating on air. Nothing could touch me with him by my side. He became my everything.


I’d never expected my life to change upon walking into the Devil Souls MC. At first glance, I almost fell on my ass, and I knew I had to have her. She was everything I never knew I wanted, and hell if that didn’t stir something in me. Adeline gave me something I had been missing my whole life:

I’m the retired president of the Grim Sinners MC but, in the end, you never really leave. The Devil Souls and The Grim Sinners were brought together to fight the biggest battle yet.

We had to protect our families at any cost.

My Review:

Smiley (Grim Sinners MC Originals Book 1)Smiley by LeAnn Ashers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was so excited to start this book! Smiley and Adeline are both characters that were introduced to is in previous books. Smiley is the father of Lane and Shalyn, as well as the retired president of the Grim Sinners MC. Adeline is the mother of Alicia, who is Techy’s wife, from the Devil’s Souls MC. We were given bits and pieces of Adeline’s story in Alicia and Techy’s book, and I knew it was bad, but I could never have imagined how bad!

Adeline has got to be one of the strongest characters I’ve come across in a story in a very long time. The sheer horror that she lived through, the strength that she had to have to not only live through it, but to come out stronger on the other side is nothing short of amazing. And this was all before the story really started! Her absolute joy in the simplest of things brought a smile to my face. We knew from the other books that she and Smiley ended up together, but their story is so much more! Smiley has his own past, one that we really didn’t get much of from the other books. But his personality really stood out, even as a peripheral character.

This story filled in a lot of holes that were left from Alicia and Techy’s story (not that that one felt incomplete, but this one answered questions I didn’t even know I should have asked!) As with the other stories, there was plenty of action, lots of surprises, and enough heat to set a house on fire! While this book could probably be read as a stand alone, there is an ongoing connection between the other series written by this author, and they are best read in order. I’m so glad Adeline finally got her HEA, it is one that she definitely deserved!

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