Up in Flames (Flirting with Fire #2) by Jennifer Blackwood


It takes one little spark for enemies to ignite into lovers in a searing-hot novel by USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Blackwood.

Sloane Garcia has butted heads with Reece Jenkins ever since he was a colossal jerk of epic proportions on a night she’d rather forget. So what if he’s overconfident, ultramasculine, and hard muscled? When she finds out he’s on the auction block at the annual firefighter’s charity event, she decides to give this cocky firefighter a dose of his own medicine. Now that she’s won the hunk, he’s on call—to do whatever Sloane wants.

Sure, Reece and Sloane had a rocky start, but he had his reasons. None of that matters now that he’s the bachelor at her beck and call, tasked with granting her four wishes in four weeks. He runs into burning buildings for a living, but nothing will be as tough as dousing the flames Sloane ignites in him. What started out as just a game might end up with Reece losing the one thing he swore he’d never give up: his heart.

My Review:

Up in Flames (Flirting with Fire, #2)Up in Flames by Jennifer Blackwood

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’ve not read the first book in this series, in fact this is a new to me author. That being said, I don’t feel like you have to read the first book to understand or enjoy this book (I’m sure it’s worth reading, I just haven’t!) This book is a rom-com, as well as a friends-to-lovers. (Some of my favorite kinds of books)

Reece is a firefighter, who has previously had some not so nice dealings with Sloane. Let’s just go ahead and put it out there. He was a jerk of epic proportions. Sloan decides to get back at him by winning him in a charity auction. Her plan kind of backfires on her, being that the two are like oil and water, constantly bickering.

This book was interesting, but not one of my favorites. It was well written, and very funny. However, the heroine kind of irritated me. Her constant need for reassurance annoyed me to no end. And the hero was a jerk that I couldn’t have forgiven. This book gives me mixed feelings in that it was hilarious, a fun read, and well written, but the characters really just weren’t doing it for me.

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