Protecting Her Heart (Indianapolis Eagles, #4) by Samantha Lind


I believed in the fairytale.
The Happily-Ever-After.
The “till death do us part” fantasy little girls grow up believing in.
Unfortunately for me, my happy ending was divorce, and learning to find myself all over again.
I was done with men and relationships, or so I thought, until a stubborn hockey player was determined to show me what love could really be.
But could I fall for the fairytale a second time, and trust that he would protect my heart?

From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she was made for me.
She was broken and I was determined to put her back together again.
I was here to prove she could have that fairytale love story after all.
To show her someone else can protect her heart and love her unconditionally.
Now I just have to convince her that someone is me.

My Review:

Protecting Her Heart (Indianapolis Eagles, #4)Protecting Her Heart by Samantha Lind

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book…..well, lets just say, I had trouble keeping the tears at bay. This is definitely one that you are gonna need tissues for. The story itself is a beautiful love story, but there are parts, I’m still getting choked up about, even after finishing the story.

Mark is a pro hockey player, recently traded to the Indianapolis Eagles. He loves his job, his life, his team, but something is missing. He isn’t sure what, but he is going to find out. Big changes bring him to a new city, and lead to a few surprises! Laura is the one who keeps the Eagles running, behind the scenes. Hockey is her life, it’s in her blood. She has tried love, and it left her disappointed, divorced. Alone. But she still has her hockey family, her job. When Mark comes to Indy, she catches his eye and he tries to make his move, but she isn’t ready. Mark’s patience, and persistence, sure make for and interesting story!

There is so much love, support, and emotion in this one book, I couldn’t help but fall in love with these characters. The connection between them was immediate, and lasting. And HOT! This is an easy read, but an emotional one. Just make sure you have tissues handy!

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