Draegon: The Falder Clan – Book One by Darlene Tallman


Draegon Muldoon was the alpha of the Falder Clan, a pack of bear shifters who worked in and among the community. Desirous of a mate of his own, he never expected his border collie, Lucy, to find her at the edge of his property.
However, the moment he picked her up, both he and his bear knew she was theirs. When it becomes evident she’s at death’s door unless he completes the mate bond, he does so, unsure of what he’ll face when she wakes up.

Wyndi Adams was making her way to her long-time friend when she found herself at a local eatery one night. When she next wakes up, she’s in the home of a stranger. Only, he doesn’t feel like one. And when he tells her she’s now a bear shifter, she goes a little bit…crazy.

Can Wyndi accept that she’s now a shifter and fully bond with Draegon? Will the poachers that have been plaguing the area cause him to lose the one thing he’s grown to love?

My Review:

Draegon: The Falder Clan - Book OneDraegon: The Falder Clan – Book One by Darlene Tallman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I heard one of my favorite contemporary authors was writing a PNR, I could only think, “oh boy, here we go!” I love PNR, I love shifters. I love the whole insta-love mating aspect. But sometimes, when an author steps outside of their comfort zone, the results are not all that great. So, I reserved judgement, and started reading ASAP!

Draegon is a bear shifter, who finds an unconscious, injured woman in the woods (Wyndi). He recognizes her as his mate, and realizing she won’t live unless he completes the mating bond, he changes her. After waking up, Wyndi feels the pull toward Draegon too, but there is a lot being thrown at her, all at once. What happened to her? How was she hurt? How did she end up in the woods alone? How does she feel about being a shifter, and mated to Draegon?

While many authors are not able to successfully manage to write in such different genres, there are a few who do so with magnificent results. I totally loved Draegon, Wyndi, and all of their Bear shifter clan! This story was fast paced, with plenty of mystery, intrigue and bad guys. I’m hoping the author continues with the series, because this book was fabulous!

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