Deception by C.A. Harms


Deception: The act of deceiving someone.

That became a pattern in my life. It was the way the chips fell. I’m destined to be that girl that fell for the wrong guy. If he was a liar and a cheat, I found him or he found me. It didn’t really matter how it happened, it just always did.

But when I met Jake, I thought he was different. He was just a guy trying to get by, much like me in a sense. He was happy with the little things in life…he made me feel safe and settled.

That was until I found out that his name, his life, and the man he pretended to be, were nothing but a fraud. He used me to get the answers he needed, and in the process, he managed to take my last ounce of hope and crush it.

I just wanted him gone. I wanted to forget the times we shared, the laughs we had. I wanted to ignore the fact that he’d so easily found a place in my heart.

Only there was one problem… I wasn’t allowed to forget.

I am reminded daily of him. Each morning, I have no choice but to look into the same, beautiful eyes he possessed. I see his smile and that same shade of dark melted chocolate hair that at one point, I loved running my fingers through.

Every single day I reminded of the fact that the father of my child is nothing more than a man that truly never existed.

My Review:

Deception : Secret Baby Romance, Second ChanceDeception : Secret Baby Romance, Second Chance by C.A. Harms

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ll have to admit, going in to this book, based on the blurb, I had a few pre-conceived notions about where this book was going. I knew, from the blurb, that it was a second chance romance, that the female character was somehow deceived by the male, betrayed by him, and that they had a child together. I had a few thoughts going on in my head. I mean, how many different things could a man do where he hides his identity from the female in question, and she still be willing to forgive him in the end?!? I was totally and completely wrong! What I was thinking was not even close to what actually happened! But by the time I realized what was going on, I was so engrossed in the story, I could not have put it down, if I’d wanted to! This book’s story line was so totally different from anything I’ve read, I couldn’t have predicted what was coming!

Blair has really bad taste in guys. She seems to always be attracted to the bad boys, the ones who are nothing but trouble. She didn’t have a great childhood, isn’t close to her family, and all that she really has is her two best friends. Just when she thinks her luck in life is changing, and she has found someone that may be the one for her, it all falls apart.

Jake isn’t who he says he is. His life…..well, it isn’t good. I can’t say too much without giving anything away, but he knows Blair is a game changer. And he knows he wants her. But he also knows he doesn’t deserve her.

This book is just amazing. I’ve read and loved books by this author before, but this book is on a whole new playing field. I was constantly surprised, kept on the edge of my seat. The chemistry between Jake and Blair was combustible, but their situation seemed so impossible. My emotions were all over the place, but I kept hope for them throughout. This book is a must read, and a new favorite!

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