Pleasure’s Fury (Masters’ Admiralty #3) by Lila Dubois & Mari Carr


While on the trail of a madman, Antonio Starabba finds something unexpected—the killer’s next victims, tortured, in pain, but alive.

Leila and Karl are both members of The Masters’ Admiralty, the same powerful secret society Antonio is sworn to defend as a security officer—aka assassin. Rescuing them means letting the killer escape, and once they’re safe, Antonio is overcome with a deep need to protect them, and takes them to one of his family’s villas to rest and recover.

As the weeks pass feelings develop between the three of them, but there’s a problem. The killer is still out there, eluding capture, and he’s made it clear that his next victims will be Leila, Karl…and Antonio.

My Review:

Pleasure's Fury (Masters' Admiralty #3)Pleasure’s Fury by Lila Dubois

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Before I began this book, I knew it was supposed to be the best yet. The authors had been dropping hints since the release of the last book, and with the entire series, each book has just gotten progressively more amazing. Even knowing all that, I didn’t really think that anything could top Loyalty’s Betrayal. I was wrong. I wasn’t prepared for just how……perfect this book was. I should have known better than to try to start this book before bedtime, thinking I’d just read a bit and finish when I got up. No. Just no. Be forewarned. This isn’t one of those books that you can read a little, put it away, and then read a little bit later. Nope. This is one of those that you have to read it all at one time. There is no putting it down. I was so caught up, hours went by, and I didn’t even realize it!

This duo of authors has put together a secret world that is totally spy movie worthy. And Pleasure’s Fury takes it to an entirely new level. The description is so fantastic, I could actually picture it as it was unfolding. The non-stop escalation of crazy events in this book had me glued to my seat, unable to put my kindle down. It was chilling, making shivers run up and down my spine, exactly how descriptive this story was. I kept wanting to look over my shoulder, to make sure the bad guy wasn’t sneaking up on me!

The relationship between these three characters was more….just more. I feel like their emotions, their feelings, were deeper than in some of the previous books. Maybe because of the circumstances of the beginning? I’m not sure but it definitely made for a fantastic story!

I can’t say enough, if you are a lover of romance, if you are a lover of the Trinity Masters, or of the Master’s Admiralty, this book is going to blow you away. It takes everything we love and jacks it up to a whole new level. This series has been great so far, but of all of the books by this duo, This Book Is It! The writing is fantastic, the story engaging, the characters amazing, and the description so real, you can picture yourself right in the middle of the action as it happens! Definitely one of my top reads of the year!

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