Insistent (Soul Serenade Book #4) by Kaylee Ryan


She came into my life without warning. It wasn’t love at first sight, but the more time I spent with her, I knew she was the one. Our relationship was complicated, and I knew I had my work cut out for me. I have to prove to her that she’s all I see. That no matter how the past reads, we can re-write the future.

He’s the sexiest one of the group, in my personal opinion. We’re friends, and colleagues, well technically he’s my boss. He’s also the man that consumes my thoughts, and my desires. I have too much at stake to allow myself to jump into bed with him, but I really really want to.

One taste and I know I’ll never be the same. Cassidy can prolong this all she wants, but I know how it ends. When she’s mine.

He’s relentless, and I let him drag me under his spell. It can’t happen again, but Gavin, he’s Insistent that this is just the beginning.

My Review:

Insistent (Soul Serenade Book #4)Insistent by Kaylee Ryan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The boys of Soul Serenade are back! And more swoon-worthy than ever! This is the last book in the series, and features Gavin and Cassidy! We saw hints of what was coming in the other books, but they are finally getting their story told!

Gavin is a member of the Rock band, Soul Serenade. But things are changing for the band. The other members are getting married, and having families, settling down. And Gavin wants that, but the one he wants it with is resisting him at every turn. Gavin is that guy! He is sweet, and determined, and confident in who he is and what he wants. And like his band brothers, he is willing to put in the work to get the one that he wants.

Cassidy has had rough life, but now she has a life she can be proud of. She has a job that she loves and works hard at it. But Gavin is….unwavering. The problem is, she wants him too. She just doesn’t think she can have him, and her job too. There are so many things standing in their way, she doesn’t see any possibility for a future between them.

They guys of Soul Serenade are different from other Rockers you read about. They are typical rockers, but when they meet the one that is it for them, they are dedicated to letting her know that she is their life. Gavin is no exception. Even when things look grim, he doesn’t give up, never sways in his insistence that Cassidy is his entire purpose. His dedication to sweeping away any objections Cassidy has is awe inspiring and beautiful! This story, this entire series, was amazing, and is one of my favorite re-read series! Love these guys!


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