Jaxson & Ralynn: Rebel Guardians Next Generation by Liberty Parker & Darlene Tallman


Ralynn Hatchet has known since she was six years old that she loved Jaxson Boone. Even though he was twelve years older than she was and happened to be a new prospect in the MC her father was an enforcer for, the Rebel Guardians. Despite her best efforts, he never noticed or paid any attention to her, not even as she got older. Now a young adult, she’s still in love with him, only she’s tired of his lame excuses. Determined to move on with her life, she begins dating Marcus Welch, but she soon realizes that what she thought about him is, in fact, untrue.

Jaxson Boone hasn’t had an easy life, until he found the Rebel Guardians MC. While he’s always noticed Ralynn, it was as a child, since she was so much younger than him. As she grows into a beautiful, headstrong young woman, he does whatever he can to stop his attraction towards her, convinced that he’s no good. He will stay away from her, not only out of respect for his brother, but because he can bring her nothing but heartache.

All of Jaxson’s self-made promises go out the window when he witnesses something that raises his blood pressure beyond the boiling point. Realizing that the one woman he has been pushing away is the one he needs to make his life whole, he now has to work to show Ralynn just what she means to him.

My Review:

jaxson&ralynn.jpgJaxson & Ralynn: Rebel Guardians Next Generation
by Liberty Parker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve followed the Rebel Guardians MC from the very first book. I loved all of the original RGMC stories, loved meeting all of the kids. I was there when Ralynn and Jaxon met, even though she was way to young, and she fell head over heels for him. I was there when he only saw her as an annoying little kid that followed him around. Like with most series, I wondered about what happened next, wondered what happened to the kids. Now, we get the next part of their story, and boy, was it a doozy!

Ralynn has been in love with Jaxson forever! Since she was just a little girl, she has known that he was the one for her, and that never wavered for her. But since he was quite a bit older than her, he didn’t feel the same way. Now that she’s grown, he still doesn’t. So she tries to move on with her life. But things don’t go as she plans, and horrible things happen!

Jaxson has a tragic past, one that he hides, tells no one about. Even though he has a good life now, it still has an impact on how he lives his life. Even though he has feelings for Ralynn, he doesn’t act on them because of that past. His determination to spare her that part of himself, has unforeseen consequences, things no one could have seen coming.

This book….I cried like a baby. Tears for Ralynn. Tears for Jaxson. There are some touchy subjects in this book, and it was a very emotional book. But beyond all of it, this book just emphasizes what the RGMC is all about. Family, loyalty, and love. It was another amazing book in the RGMC world. And even though all of the books, all of the characters are closely tied together, this book can be read without having read the previous books (but really, why would you want to?!? These books are all so fabulous!)

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