Seeking Our Revenge : Nelson Brothers’ by Liberty Parker & Darlene Tallman


Atticus Nelson is one flat-out, do not mess with him badass. He’s a take-no-prisoners kind of man, one who is known for his brusque, almost abrasive personality. What no one knows, not even his brothers, is he’s lonely. He wants what their parents had before their mom left, but with his lifestyle, it doesn’t seem possible.

Until her.

The night he went in to hunt down the senator for Law, a member of the RGMC, he met Piper Carsden. The broken and bloodied woman he finds shackled to the wall calls to him in some undefinable way. Unable to leave her behind, he takes her with him, not looking for anything more than a night once she heals from the torture she’s endured.

When it becomes evident that she’s in danger, Atticus uses the skills that he and his brothers have to try and eliminate the threat.

Will he succeed in ridding her from the evil that’s haunted her for years so they can build on a night of passion the likes of which neither has ever experienced? Or will he lose his chance at happily ever after?

This is book one in the Nelson Brothers Trilogy.

My Review:

Seeking Our Revenge : Nelson Brothers'Seeking Our Revenge : Nelson Brothers’ by Liberty Parker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Nelson Brothers are a whole different breed than what we are used to from these two authors! Introduced to us through the RGMC, they do what the Guardians can’t or won’t. And they are a bit more hard core than the Guardians are too.

Piper is in a bad situation, that she just can’t seem to get herself out of. Her entire life has been one bad turn after another. Trying to put her younger sister through school, she makes a bad decision that leads to being held prisoner by some not so nice people, doing things she doesn’t want to do. When she is rescued by the Nelson Brothers when they are looking for someone else, there is an immediate attraction between Piper and middle brother, Atticus. Atticus, however, has his own hangups, that cause problems between the two.

This book was very fast paced, and full of action. The characters were interesting. Atticus was totally alpha, very passive aggressive, and emotionally stilted, but he had feelings for Piper that he really wasn’t sure about. Piper, however, was sure about how her feelings for Atticus, she just wasn’t sure what to do about it. Their love hate reactions toward each other was at times hilarious, and at others very steamy! I enjoyed the explosive chemistry they had. I love the Nelson Brothers and can’t wait for Silas and Jonas to find their HEAs!

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