Unwrapped by Piper Davenport & Jack Davenport


Christmas is approaching for the Dogs of Fire and Burning Saints Motorcycle Clubs, but rather than the usual holiday cheer, the air is filled with tension of a brewing Civil War.

The Gresham Spiders, a local 1% MC, is hell-bent on expansion and both clubs lie directly in their path. Will assistance from an outside ally help diffuse the situation long enough to keep the peace during throughout the season?

Join these two beloved MCs as they celebrate the holidays and try to keep their clubs from splintering under the pressure.

My Review:

UnwrappedUnwrapped by Piper Davenport

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The holidays are here and it’s time to have fun with family and friends! Little do they know that big changes are coming, some that they aren’t expecting! This novella brings together some of my favorite characters from previous books of not only The Dogs of Fire by Piper Davenport, but also the Burning Saints by Jack Davenport. (It also mentions another MC by one of my other favorite authors!)

This isn’t a romance, that focuses on a couple finding their HEA, so don’t go in expecting that. This story is more about the MC itself, and spends time with several couples, from previous books from both series, giving us a glimpse into their lives. I always love catching up with favorite characters, and this book definitely gives me that! It was fun catching up on their lives. There are some scenes that are really HOT and some scenes that give hints of what is coming next for those much loved characters (maybe even some suggestions of pairings that are coming?!?) It was a totally fun book, one that anyone that loves these MCs will absolutely have to read!

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