His Man : A Wounded Souls Novella (The Wounded Souls Book 6) by Leah Sharelle



Ford had a pretty good life.
He was part of a former elite commando team, a talented computer genius, and a member of the Wounded Souls MC. He had a real family with his brothers, their women, and kids. Life was good. Well, it would be except for one big sexy issue—a tall helicopter pilot with a mouth and body made for sin. Lucky didn’t know it yet, but Ford was coming for him.


After the horrific shooting at the FOB while on deployment, Lucky took the medical discharge the army offered and ran back to the only place he was accepted just as himself. The Wounded Souls MC. After years of being a part-time member, he was now out of the army and healed, ready to do his bit. The only obstacle in his way was in the form of the club’s computer expert and go-to babysitter. His only hope of staying away from Ford and out of his bed was Lucky’s fiancée. But one look at his former lover had Lucky thinking maybe it was time to dig deep for some courage and finally reveal his true feelings, not only to his blood family but to the man who’d captured his heart and refused to give it back.
Did he want it back? Could he finally stand up to his powerful family and admit he wanted to be Ford’s man?

My Review:

His Man : A Wounded Souls Novella (The Wounded Souls Book 6)His Man : A Wounded Souls Novella by Leah Sharelle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

With Rogue taken care of, what could possibly be left for the Wounded Souls MC?!? So, so much! This is a novella, telling Ford’s story. And it is HOT, HOT, HOT!

Ford is a man who knows who he is. He knows what he wants. He just doesn’t know how to get it. The one that he wants is still confused, doesn’t know where life is leading and is going down a path that probably leads to a lifetime of misery. Ford is almost at the breaking point.

Lucky doesn’t seem to be so lucky in life. His parents are horrible, he’s engaged to someone that will make him unhappy for life, and he’s denying a large part of who he is and what he wants. There is a lot that he has to change to find his happy.

This book has so much going on, to be a novella. Snooty girlfriends, crazy parents, and visits from the last person I ever expect kept this novella moving at lightning pace. You can’t help but love the guys of the Wounded Souls, and Ford is no exception. His surety of himself is refreshing, and his acceptance by everyone in his life is beautiful. His strength at overcoming adversity and holding out for his perfect forever gives hope that a HEA is waiting for everyone!

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