Rescuing Mercy (Special Forces: Operation Alpha): A Dead Presidents MC Spinoff by Harley Stone


Tragedy drove Landon Welch to enlist in the Army with no plans of returning home. After serving seven years as a combat medic, he’s teetering on the edge of burnout when ordered to take leave and confront his demons.

Landon’s been searching for redemption, but he never expected to find Mercy.

Preschool director Mercedes Foster has dedicated her life to brightening the futures of low-income children. She’s intelligent, driven, and avoiding distractions, especially one sexy soldier with questionable motives. But when Mercy’s brother gets mixed up in trouble that could endanger her cause and risk her life, Landon might be just the complication she needs to survive.

My Review:

Rescuing Mercy (Special Forces: Operation Alpha): A Dead Presidents MC SpinoffRescuing Mercy (Special Forces: Operation Alpha): A Dead Presidents MC Spinoff by Harley Stone

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve read all of the Dead Presidents MC books, by this author, and loved each and every one. I’ve not, however read any of the Special Forces books by Susan Stoker. I’m not sure why, because they’ve caught my eye, I’ve just never picked one up. Now, I’m regretting that, if this book is any indication of how the stories go! (I will say, even though this book is supposed to take place in the Special Forces World, I had absolutely no trouble following along. I’m not sure where it fits in, or what I may have missed, but I had no issues.)

Mercy is a pre-school administrator. She is working hard to give back to her community, beginning with its youngest, and most vulnerable citizens. She has a huge heart, and is a genuinely nice person. But she’s been burned, having grown up in a situation where love is a joke and not to be trusted. So she concentrates on her school, and the children.

Landon is an active duty Army Medic. He loves his mother, but doesn’t come to visit, and rarely calls, due to some misplaced feelings regarding his father’s death. He is mixed up, trying to make up for those feelings by giving his all to his country. When he is finally forced to come home, he finds that things aren’t always like they seem.

With Mercy and Landon, sparks fly from their very first meeting! I loved the chemistry they had, how well they fit together, how well they worked together. I loved visiting with the Dead Presidents MC guys, and hope to see more of Mercy and Landon in the future! This series has been nothing but amazing, and Mercy and Landon fit in well with they guys! On another note, think I’m going to have to dive into those Special Forces books…….

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