Cover Reveal for The Kiss Duet by Anne Mercier

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Cover Reveal for Kiss This and Kiss This Too by Anne Mercier!!!!


kiss this


TITLE:  Kiss This (the Kiss duet, book 1)

SERIES:  Kiss duet.

RELEASE DATE:  January 28th

AUTHOR:  Anne Mercier



When I’m dragged to a party by my best friends, I don’t plan on having a good time—and I’m not, until “he” finds me alone on the beach. I expect him to be a jerk with looks like him—but he’s not. He’s funny and sweet and we spend hours talking about nothing and everything.

Then he kisses me.
And I give myself to him—a familiar stranger with a name as fake as mine—then we say goodbye.

I never planned on seeing him again.

When Shell Beach Hall moves all their classes to Shell Beach Academy, I’m more than a little annoyed. The Academy is full of the snobs I avoid like the plague.

I can’t hide my surprise when I see him again. He can’t hide his derision, accusing me of knowing who he was and using him to gain popularity.

I realize I was wrong about him. He’s a jerk…and I want
nothing to do with him.

But he won’t leave me alone.
He taunts and teases me.
He’s arrogant and a jock who sleeps with any girl he wants. “They should all be so lucky”—his words, not mine.

I’m disgusted. This is who I gave my V-card to? Ugh.
I loathe everything he represents and I want to punch him in his pretty bullying face.

So why can’t I stop feeling his hands on my body or hear his sexy whispered words?

Why, oh why, did he have to kiss me?

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kiss this too

TITLE:  Kiss This Too (the Kiss duet, book 2)
SERIES:  Kiss duet.
RELEASE DATE:  February 25th
AUTHOR:  Anne Mercier

Just when Leo and I finally find our rhythm, a minor injury in combat sidelines my dad, taking me from my new life in Shell Beach, California, back to my old one on my grandparent’s farm in Wisconsin.


Living halfway across the country from your

almost-boyfriend is misery when you’re a teenager falling in love.


During the time away from my new-found friends, I

realize this old life isn’t for me anymore. I go through the motions, unhappily, merely existing and not really living.


I’m ready to give up all hope when Dad’s called back for deployment. I shouldn’t be happy that my dad’s going to war, but it’ll get me back to my life and Leo.


Doubt begins to creep in. It’s been less than three months, but will my friends still be my friends? Will Leo still really be my almost-boyfriend, or has he

already moved on? And what happens when my dad comes back? Will he let me stay in Shell Beach with my aunt Ruthie if I ask?


There are so many questions–and only one way to find the answers. It’s time to put the big girl panties on and ask the questions I’m afraid to know the answers to.


kiss this too full


anne mercier


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